Broken Tooth In Trappe, Don't Delay

Broken Tooth In Trappe, Don't Delay

Broken Tooth In Trappe Dont Delay

Too often, people mistakenly think that if a broken tooth doesn’t hurt then there is no need to see a dentist immediately. Unfortunately, this belief has led to toothaches and tooth extractions. In many cases the tooth will only start hurting when decay has reached the nerve and it is too late for an easy remedy such as a filling, Healthy and unbroken teeth have an outer layer called enamel that is considered the hardest material in our bodies. Enamel is what makes the teeth white, it also protects the inner, softer portion of the tooth from feeling temperature and also protects it from decay. When a tooth breaks it exposes the softer inner portion to the oral environment and decay is able to quickly start to erode the inner portion which is called dentin. The decay can destroy all the dentin and stay within the outer shell of enamel. Eventually, the only thing left is that hard outer shell which eventually will break and leave only the soft decayed remains of the dentin. The nerve which has now lost its protection and will begin to hurt from temperature and sweets. Sometimes the tooth does not break, sometimes the nerve begins hurt because it is infected and the infection leads to an abscess, swelling, and pain. Which will lead to sleepless nights, pain filled days and an emergency phone call to the dentist, usually on a weekend or holiday when it would be difficult to get a hold of a dentist.

The bottom line is that by putting off a visit to the dentist until pain occurs changes what would have probably been an simple cost effective filling into a complicated expensive procedure or the loss of a tooth. Generally the broken tooth can be repaired and usually it is not at a prohibitive cost, A simple phone call and an appointment with the dentist will get the tooth fixed. It never hurts to have the dentist take a look around (which we usually do) to see if there is anything else that looks suspicious or needs tending to. It is no different than getting a rust spot on a car taken care before it affects the whole panel, or replacing a few missing shingles before the sheeting becomes rotted.

Dr. Funk Can Fix Your Broken Tooth In Trappe


Our office in Royersford, Pa,(minutes from Trappe) feels that prevention is the best way to ensure a life time of trouble free teeth, our goal is to eliminate decay and make sure that all the teeth are equipped to provide you with years of service with minimal emergencies. This can involve replacing old fillings, or crowning teeth that are not able to be filled anymore. We also provide rinses and tooth pastes that are specifically designed to prevent decay by eliminating harmful decay causing bacteria. There are many ways to fix broken teeth or to prevent broken teeth, the best way for you to prevent big problems is by calling us up whenever a tooth breaks or chips in Royersford, Trappe, Collegeville..

Dr. Funk is a Royersford dentist that services the neighboring communities such as: Royersford, Limerick, Trappe, Linfield, Spring City, Collegeville, Parker Ford, Kimberton and Gilbertsville and Pottstown. Also, with the 422 bypass minutes away, we are easily accessible for patients living in King of Prussia, Pottstown, Norristown, Valley Forge, Oaks, Phoenixville, Audubon and Philadelphia. Our office has the technology and the talent to provide any type of dental service a person might want or need: Veneers, Crowns, Teeth Whitening, Root CanalsDentures, Cosmetic Bonding, Sleep Apnea, TMJ and Headache therapy, Implant Restorations,  We want to make sure that the money you invest in your teeth and smile is a long term investment.

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